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Fashion And The Metaverse: Why Ralph Lauren Wants To Sell You Digital Clothing – Forbes

Fashion brands like Ralph Lauren are racing to set up shop in the metaverse. The storied American brand recently began selling digital clothing on online platform Roblox.


In December, Ralph Lauren opened its newest stores, passing over sprawling metropolitan cities like Milan, Tokyo and New York for an enticing new location: the online world of Roblox, with 47 million daily active users. It stocked its virtual stores, open 24/7 and accessible t…….

Fashion clothing

The Myth of Sustainable Fashion – Harvard Business Review

Few industries tout their sustainability credentials more forcefully than the fashion industry. Products ranging from swimsuits to wedding dresses are marketed as carbon positive, organic, or vegan while yoga mats made from mushrooms and sneakers from sugar cane dot retail shelves. New business models including recycling, resale, rental, reuse, and repair are sold as environmental life savers.

The sad truth however is that all this experimentation and supposed…….

Fashion clothing

Amazon Luxury Stores Has Designer Clothing for Up to 50% Off – Travel+Leisure

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In an ideal world, anyone with an interest in luxury fashion could simply shop for dresses, accessories, and shoes whenever the mood struck. Of course, most budgets and priority lists don’t accommodate spur-of-the-moment balling, but every once in a while, it’s nice to treat yourself. It’s even better when you can shop de…….

Fashion clothing

Fast Fashion – The Shady World of Cheap Clothing – Deutsche Welle

But cheap garments come at a high price: A precarious existence for workers and a catastrophic environmental impact.

The clothing industry is currently deluging the planet with garments. With 100 billion items produced every year, that’s more than ever before. International companies are locked in an ongoing race to create new styles and win higher profits.  And this gigantic expansion is set to continue: The sector is forecast to grow by 60 per cent by 2030. 

On th…….

Fashion clothing

What If You Could Read a Fashion Label Like a Food Label? – The New York Times

For the Digital ID, which the Fashion Taskforce developed with EON, a digital identification company, you scan a QR code on the label or an NFC embedded in the item. That also takes you to an app page, this one detailing the materials involved and the product’s authenticity — a useful tool for the secondhand market, where the sale of counterfeit goods remains a significant problem, and for recycling, since components like dyes and buttons are identified.

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Fashion clothing

Shop Winter Hiking Clothes and Shoes for Under $100 at Amazon – Travel+Leisure

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, you may find yourself once again planning outdoor adventures. But if you live in a cold climate or hope to visit somewhere with freezing temperatures, you’ll need the proper clothing, shoes, and accessories to keep you warm. Luckily, Amazon curated a section of winter hiking fashion, and w…….

Fashion clothing

Amelia Earhart Once Designed a Clothing Line – Mental Floss

Today it’s not unusual for a celebrity to launch a clothing line. Everyone from Michael Strahan to Rachael Ray has designed or endorsed apparel, including a number of high-profile athletes.

They owe some debt of gratitude to pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart, who was one of the first notable figures to dabble in fashion design.

Fashion at 40,000 feet

As the first woman to fly both solo and nonstop across the Atlantic, Earhart had a s…….